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2021 Virtual New Hampshire Jewish Film Festival - Film Trailers


When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

A Jewish family flees from Berlin to Zurich, Paris, and London. Told through the eyes of a young girl

Double Income Kids    

Gay Israeli couple attempt to adopt a child through a surrogate

Post Film Discussion with Filmmaker, Motty and Alon


The Crossing  

Norwegian children try to smuggle a Jewish brother and sister into Sweden



Explores the life and legacy of Israel's only female Prime Minister

Post Film Discussion with Filmmaker


God of the Piano

Mother switches child at birth to have a hearing son who can become a piano prodigy like her father


Here We Are

Father comes to terms with bringing his Autistic young adult son to a group home


Queen of Hearts: Audrey Flack 

The Life and Art of a renowned artist

Post Film Discussion with Filmmaker and Audrey Flack


Thou Shalt Not Hate

Doctor hires daughter of Neo-Nazi who died in a car accident where he refused to help the victim


Lullaby for the Valley 

Follows an impressionist-style painter living in the Jezreel valley as his Parkinson's Disease progresses

Post Film Discussion with Filmmaker


The Passengers

Follows two Ethiopian young men who seek Israeli citizenship

Post Film Discussion with Filmmaker


A Starry Sky Above the Roman Ghetto   

Students in Italy (Jewish and non-Jewish) discover a Holocaust connection to one of their relatives and put on a play to tell her story

Closing Water Cooler Discussion Open Discussion on All the Films

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